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Aluminus Makeup & Hair

Sydney Mobile Makeup & Hair For Every Occasion

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Natalie Bushett - The Makeup/Arbrush & Hair Technician

Bringing out the beauty in you,,,

Working within the industry of Make-up and Hair Artistry has led me to experience many forms of artistic and creative opportunities in my career. It has allowed me the opportunity to reach my creative artistic potential, as well as exploring my path as a business owner and teacher.

Completing my Advanced Diploma in Make-up and Hair Technicians, opened a broader level of creativity through Styling and Creative Beauty.

My Passion For Makeup and Hair, motivates me to inspire the beauty of others by finding their own unique beauty and showing them a way to reinvent themselves through fashion and makeup.

I am passionate about Health and Beauty, Believing that how we feel inside truly shines through. Our eyes are the windows to our souls and there is nothing more beautiful to me than a Woman or a man who is confident within themselves. loves who she/he is and allows herself/himself to glow.

I believe in delivering a successful, creative, passionate and friendly service that understands the value of customer long term relationships and friendships.

On Location & Behind the scenes

Professional Artist with Over 11 Years specialist experience

  • TV - All Saints (Channel 7)
  • Sanity
  • Fashion - Mercedes Fashion Week
  • Glamour Photography - Celebrity Vogue & Star Shots
  • Wedding Photography - Rebecca Ding Photography
  • Airbrush Specialist
  • Stage Productions
  • Artist Portfolios
  • Magazine Editorials
  • Corporate Film & Advertisements - 360 degrees marketing, Rydge Films
  • SGSCC - Workshops and classes

Aluminus Mobile Makeup & Hair Sydney